On Site

naganjohnson completed refurbishment works for the previous residents of Sunhurst in 2006.  Following this the new owners contacted nj regarding extending the property and building some additional facilities. The project brief involved converting the loft to create 2 new bedrooms and a bathroom accessed by a bespoke timber staircase. The kitchen, previously designed and built by naganjohnson, was to be remodelled and refurbished to better suit the clients’ culinary requirements.  The existing garage was to be turned into accommodation, with a glazed extension, and in addition to this a wine cellar, new garage, roof terrace, swimming pool and tennis court.  A major proportion of the work is the large glazed extension which cuts into the chalk hills of the North Downs and almost doubles the size of the existing property.  This will house the ‘great room’ with stone clad interior walls, a large fireplace and grand piano.

In late September last year building works to the residential project at Sunhurst had paused due to the financial climate. However in March this year, after a week of restart logistics, Cube construction and Naganjohnson teamed together to get things rolling again. The project has now been split into two phases. The first phase involves completing the works to the existing building, and the external envelope to the large glazed extension due to complete in August. The fit out and interior of the extension will be finished in early 2013.

Mick and Rob are often found onsite, though we’re not sure if this is to do with their commitment to the project or their love of the Eynsford countryside. Rob will be using Sunhurst as his Part 3 case study due for submission in September, fingers crossed everything finishes in time for him to write the report!

The initial bad weather has meant that works to the internal loft area took precedence over the external groundworks. However with the sun has come the builders in shorts and the main structural works to the extension have now been completed. The building is taking shape and hopefully by mid July the glazing will arrive making the building watertight.